Saturday, December 15, 2012

Collection of poems....The City

A few years ago, I wrote a bunch of poems. Never claimed to be a poet, but sometimes words just come to me and I need to write them down. That may sound bizarre, but it is the honest truth. My next few posts will all be poems I wrote a few years ago......

The City

Sidewalks full of dreams and secret wishes
Late night strolls and pleas with the occasional star
Pulsing energy, endless possibilities
Millions of people, yet never more lonely

Faces seen by many, but never recognized by more than a few
Voices and fights go unacknowledged
Neighbors that are strangers
Time passes yet everything remains the same

Opportunities for a few
Challenges for more
Connected to and dependant on all by cared for by almost none

Effort is required
Silence is hidden
Beauty is found
Happiness is possible
In the city

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