Thursday, August 27, 2009

New Yorkconomics

Every so often I go through a frenzy--deciding that we need to move out of the city. If we ever want to have a savings and if we ever want to be able to pay off our debt, we need to move out of the city. I often talk with my friends who live in other cities (mostly MA) and their draws always drop when they ask me about my rent. I am honestly often embarrassed to admit how much we pay each month to live in a shoebox-sized apartment of 323 square feet. While we constantly say, anything has to be better and bigger than this, it is often a struggle to all survive in our small space. We do love it, as it is ours--well not really, we rent, but you know what I mean--and we adore our neighborhood, but on occasion I get the suburbs itch.

Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Ahhh, the shoes

Ahhh, the shoes
Well, as a thirty-something living in the city for the past five years, I am constantly feeling inadequate as far as fashion goes. Growing up in a small town in MA, where as an athlete sweatpants, windpants (on yes...the infamous windpants) and sneakers were typical attire. On a crazy day maybe a pair of jeans and a new top.

Regardless, each and every morning when I go to my closet to make that sometimes pain-staking decision of "what will I wear today," I typically reach for those shoes that will provide the most comfort, regardless of their cuteness factor. I have been feeling a bit spiffy and possibly even more fashionable in the 6 days since I entered the 3rd decade of my life (yes folks, just turned 30). Been trying to coordinate shoes, along with jewelry and been sporting my newest bag. Well, the shoe gods were not with me this morning. I should know to always go with comfort over cuteness in the city. Especially since I have quite a walk to and from the subway each morning.