Saturday, November 10, 2012

Let go of the hate.....

The words came this morning while taking a shower
a bolt of lighting, a force of power

a right once won by fighting and dying
has turned to victories through hate and lying
i cannot believe it is 2012
i think i have landed in almost certain hell

the hate, the fear, the anger all accepted
republicans of old should have rejected
from rush to donald to ann, glenn and hannity
i want MY country back from all this insanity

please fox news, start to lead by example
know they will not until we all change the channel
the polls were wrong, cried karl rove
as the results came in, it was a real treasure trove

certainly not a vision held by all
but, denying its existence would take some gall

what good does it do, where does it get us
speak up, challenge and hell, even cuss

saddened by what happened at good Ole' Miss
i want to yell from the rafters, what is up with all of this
the tweets the posts the pundits and chatter
all while my dreams for America shatter

we all put down bullying and picking on others
but its ok for the President, a human, our brother
the slurs, the doubts, the lack of respect
the silence is deafening please put it in check

so many conversations need to be had
there are so many problems it is really too bad
we function best with all at the table
solving real problems not some type of fable

if I were the President I wouldn't be so gracious
we need to sell the message we need to be ostentatious
the articles, the blogs, the conspiracy madness
i read them in disbelief, I read them in sadness

it is not ok, it is not alright
teach your children well, not that you are right
i have so much respect for those that try
i can only hope tomorrow is better, insert a sigh.....

take a step back, look at yourself
what can you do, how can you help

how can you spread love and not hate
how can we disagree yet reinstate
the importance of civil discussion, debate

let go of the hate, let go of the fight
"we are all American"is better than "i am right"
get up, get engaged and brush yourself off
lets all work together and try not to scoff

i reach out my hand, as the President asked
let others reach back before the opportunity has passed
i love this country and i still do have hope

i hope we wake up, i hope we don't regret
the hate, anger, fear and threats
we write them off, as fringe as extreme
i only hope we are right for the sake of the dream

and that's all she wrote...

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